Friday, November 21, 2008

Fantastic Fête: Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania spring 2009 preview

Oh, the world of Vivienne Westwood.

First introduced to her via the Sex Pistols, my love for her fun fashions, ridiculous shoes, and glorious orb logo on her bags and wallets have left me a Westwood fan for all time. After living in the Vivienne-obsessed land of Japan for almost 3 years, I've been able to hone my Westwood-ese pretty well over the past decade.

Last night, I attended the Anglomania 2009 preview, held at Em & Co by 3rd and Fairfax. After some correspondence with the affable store owner, Evaline, I was excited to see what the store had to offer, as I had never been.

Dressed up a bit for the event in some of my VW gear, as well! OOTD ahead:

Scarf, skirt: Vivienne Westwood (skirt is Red Label)
necklace: World Wide Love
Shirt: second hand shop

The staff and guests were a pleasure to meet. I met a lot of ladies excited about the Gothic & Lolita Bible, and even some people who tell me they swore by it when they were in their teens, which is always good to hear.

On the walls hung huge canvases by Biagio Black, with the 2009 Anglomania pieces sectioned into two small racks along the wall.

The Anglomania collection itself was an array of muted colors, with the exception of two canary yellow pieces, and a small collection entirely in white. A few models made the rounds wearing the new Anglomania pieces, which were available for pre-order at the event.

Unfortuantely, I didn't feel like any of the pieces for 2009 were different than what I've seen in the past 2 years from Anglomania. I liked them 2 years ago, and I still find myself liking them more, but I was hoping for at least some louder fabric choices or slightly different draping. Check out these two items for spring 2009, a vest and suit jacket pattern, that're strikingly similar to 2007/8's collection...

Barring Dame Westwood's Anglomania line's lack of boldness, the event was still very enjoyable. Overall, the event was well-attended, the people great, and the 15-minuite-late ice shipment for beverages inconsequential. I hope to be back at Em&Co. again soon for some more of their fun fashion events.

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