Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer Smacks.

Summers in Los Angeles are weird.

Growing up in good ‘ol Pittsburgh, where we have 4 seasons (a normal fact that of my students in Japan regularly questioned me about… do their textbooks all say we live in the Sahara???), we have a rainy and miserable spring around April, then slowly transition to summer weather by mid-June, complete with humidity, summer showers, and sunburned sweaty necks populating the city.

In LA, at least the part of it I live in, you spend most of the “summer months” of June through mid-July, in a warm, but comfortable state, sometimes wearing jeans, sometimes shorts, but not feeling a distinct urge for either. Occasionally you’ll have a bubble of heat pass over your local area, and you’ll gripe about not having a proper fan yet.

(Side note: I currently own ONE fan which has the following defects: 1) I found in the dumpster and taped back together since the entire outer shell was shattered 2) is a window ban, but doesn't actually fit in my window 3) makes loud rattling sound, since I have propped it up on the ironing board next to the window, and eventually shakes itself off, causing it to break into more pieces.)

Then, suddenly, true “summer” gives you a little smack in the face to let you know that it is not just a myth. My apartment of late has been full of stiff, warm air, no doubt an affect of the fires blazing around here. I find that summer sneaks up on me here primarily because of the lack of humidity. The heat sort of seeps into your skin, and then, Surprise!, you find perspiration on the small of your back. This is very much unlike in Pittsburgh, where you wake up in a pool of sweat, and spend the rest of your day vaguely soaked in your own juices.

Is it weird that I somehow miss “real” summer? I certainly will have to escape this winter to the mountains for a “real” winter, which I haven’t seen in ages. FYI, “real winter” includes, and is not limited to:

1. Snow

2. Enormous coats which make you too hot in your car, too cold when you step out of it, and are cumbersome to lug around once you reach the indoors

3. Hot beverages

4. Learning how to “drift” into actual snow drifts, hoping to God a large piece of metal or giant bricks are hidden in the snow pile.

5. Eating a lot and not feeling too bad about it, because you feel that, just like a bear who is prepped for hibernating, you are simply building a seasonal layer of fat to keep out the weather.

Strange that I'm finally into summer in LA and am already reminiscing about winter.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Save the Date! Bosozoku bonanza!

Wednesday, September 16th at Royal/T Cafe in Culver City!

Get your Japanese Biker Gang outfits ready!!! Epic party, with FLIPPING OUTRAGEOUS photo booth co-designed by ZIPPERCUT and BUBBLE PUNCH!!!! (team-up group of myself and yume_ninja!)

Details ro come....!!!

Bosozoku photo for inspiration:

And let's not forget RIKI in this amazing music video.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Betsey Johnson Meet and Greet at her Melrose store!

A very, merry, belated birthday to Ms. Betsey Johnson! I scooted down to her store on Melrose yesterday afternoon for her Bday bash + meet and greet!

I donned my sparkly Betsey dress and shoes, and made a headpiece with matching pink veil to mark the occasion :3 HEADPIECE SOON TO BE AT MY ETSY STORE! hehe....

The crowd was very fashionable, and very friendly, as expected for an event of this nature. I remarked that I wish they'd open up a Betsey Johnson bar/club/sock hop one of these days so I could spend my evenings lounging there after a hard day's work!

Her Birthday cake, shaped like present boxes, with a dress up top:

Mandy's pal Esther, who was the one who called her up and alerted us to this festive time :)

Betsey arrived in style in a red convertible! Here she is giving a little specech... my god, she is a super vivacious woman! I'm so envious of her rockin bod, as well!!!

From left to right, myself, Betsey, Yume_ninja , and Mandy

Call me a ham, but i LOVED this marabou coat from her new fall line!!! If only I had $700 to blow on such a fluffy overcoat :(

Ah, it was a great time, filled with pretty people, rockin music, and so much Betsey energy!!!! Although Betsey asked us girls to stay so that we could meet her grandchildren, we had to dash for dinner plans (as well as our aching feet). Sigh!! Come again, soon Betsey!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Events: Japanology @ Royal/T

Hey there kinky people! If you’re free this Thursday, stop on by at Royal/T to see myself, Yume Ninja, and Zippercut in our naughty maid photobooth, posing with guests XD

Here’s the event breakdown, taken from Zippercut‘s site!

The JAPANOLOGY SERIES @ Royal/t is a unique study in social sciences, using the ethnography of Japan and its anomalous subcultures as a central thesis…. Each month, a different facet of Japanese subculture will be explored… This month, on Thursday August 13th, Royal/T seeks to expose the hidden side of Japan–love hotels, “Tokyo Kink,” pink eiga, and more. The movie “New Tokyo Decadence – The Slave” will be screened at 9pm. Come well beforehand (8pm) to participate in a discussion and get your drink on before we all get “tied up”….

FETISHWEAR ENCOURAGED!!!! ZIPPERCUT mini photobooth – get your picture taken in the Chamber of Desire…
The JAPANOLOGY series @ Royal/T is a FREE EVENT, once a month (mid month), different topic/theme.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Event pics: Japan LA 3 Year anniversary

I had the lovely job of escorting Ms. Hello Kitty around at the party- and we had a blast! Some silly photos"

Photographer Dan Santoni also stopped by for some shenanigans! (

Also Junko! She's the designer for Purrr!, the brand my dress I wore for my pinup shoot!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Photoshoot: Pin-up Sailor

Recently, I went over to Santa Monica to do a fun pin-up inspired shoot with my friend Oscar of Divide By 0 Photography

True Mee Lee, aka yume_ninja, was such a integral part of putting together the outfit and hair... she even did my makeup for the shoot, as well as edited the first 4 photos you see below! She's truly a great friend, and great inspiration!

Love the results, so here's a peek at my favorite photos from the set!

Hellooooooooooooooooo Sailor.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Outfit of the Day: Altered Yukata

All dolled up for the Japan LA 3 Year Anniversary party I was helping at, I hiked up my summer yukata and got down to business!

Using the hairstyles of geisha from Sakuran as my hair inspiration, I was trying for a cute toned down version of it… I think I was somewhat successful..?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Events: Desolation Holiday Photo Gallery

You are cordially invited to “Desolation Holiday,” a photography gallery event hosted by Dan Santoni and Apollo Star. I’ve been helping them plan the event for the past few months and also working behind the scenes on Dan's photoshoots... I’m really excited for this event and.. YOU SHOULD BE TOO!

More info here:
“Desolation Holiday” celebrates the contradiction of glamour, beauty, and high fashion with the everyday baseness of the human condition.
Come celebrate a night of exquisite photography, and mingle with not only the photographers and subjects themselves, but also enjoy the spectacle of live sculptures exhibiting garments used in the photographs. The night will include photographs based around the theme, by a hand-selected group of accomplished photographers.
The gallery will include works by:
Apollo Staar:
Dan Santoni:

Chad Michael Ward:
Robin Perine:
Saryn Christina Photography:
Renard (Hanzo) Garr:
Heidi Calvert
Ashley Fontenot

Dan Santoni images featuring; Sybil Danning of Rob Zombies Halloween, Grindhouse, and Howling II fame.

Presenting Wardrobe Designs by Delise Ana Designs

Hosted by Yvette Lara
Featuring live models Kat Lee (www.myspace/, Tiffany Trenda, and Merkinstache.

Date: Jul 18, 2009
Time: 8:00 PM
Location: Ultra Star Gallery
6432 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

If you're interested in coming, please be sure to check out the facebook event site:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am very Jealous of the East Coast.

For the honor of Greyskull.....


Ah. So, so, so jealous.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Events: Japan LA 3 Year Anniversary Party!

Celebrate JapanLA's 3 Year Anniversary! Saturday, June 27th! The party will be at JapanLA, 7pm - 11pm.

*Take Your Picture with Hello Kitty
*Free Gift Bags for 1st 100 People!
*Free Cupcakes, Snacks, and Drinks!
*Raffle with Special Prizes from tokidoki!

I'll be working at the event, so stop on by, chat with some awesome people, and snap up some awesomely cute items! You can browse their stuff at!

Video/Photo shoot with Image Mechanics

Recently, I modeled for so they could make a reel showing off the capabilities of the new Canon 5D Mk II. Check out the video below for some strangely vibrant video of me! Man.. the future. It's awesome.

Vertical Video Harajuku Fashion Shoot from Michael Britt on Vimeo.

This video was shot on the first day the new firmware for the Canon 5D Mk II was released which allowed manual exposure modes. It was shot in vertical orientation to maximize the resolution for simultaneous hd video and stills captured in raw format (VCS - Video Capture for Stills). While the video was running, the shutter was triggered to capture still images. The last video frame freezes and several following frames are missing as the camera switches modes. My contacts at Canon say it is around 1 second of missing video but it seems to be as little as three or four frames. Lighting was Profoto HMI with a beauty dish. The shutter click is the actual sound the camera makes as it captures the high res raw file. The white transitions were added as a visual buffer to the next clip (no flash was used). The camera was mounted on the Redrock Micro DSLR bundle. (music by Max Tundra)

Chubby Bunny Bows!

Creating a product that matched my personality.. and well, my old high school nickname... was a piece of cake! I recently opened up shop over at Etsy to feature my chubby bows and other fun accessories that I've been designing in my spare time.

Take a gander, if you please, over at Chubby Bunny Accessories! I'll be announcing new products and concepts as this project takes shape over the summer!

Inspiration: Fallen Princesses

I've been brainstorming for ages about new ways to do the Disney Princesses in a photo shoot. This set by Dina Goldstein really blew me away, though.

I feel like these are the strongest in the set, but you can check out the full story and full set here:
Fallen Princesses

Friday, March 13, 2009

Top 10: Fall 2009 Shoes

Oh my god. Shoes.


2009 Fall runways were KILLER for shoes right up my alley. Here's a countdown of my top 10! Uhm... I mean 11 because I couldn't bring it to 10...

11. Louis Vuitton
Yowza. This shape reminds me of the future.. as they pictured it in the 80s. if you're not following me here, think BLADE RUNNER. I love the fun heel, but not a huge fan of that big cut out in the middle... I would have liked to see more of the round beads played out over the top of that area somehow to pull the design together.

10. Pollini
A very simple and elegant matte black shoe combined with an off-the-wall heel in bright colors. Absolutely love it! I'd like to see some pink brought to the front of the shoe as well, but I guess I just can't have everything, can I? Oh wait. I CAN (see #1 Mwuaha).

9. Kenzo
Whoa dude! I see what you did there! I like the fantastical shape of the sole/heel, and also the fact that the top can zip off and make this a bootie is a nice touch. Convertibility always gets a bonus point in my book. The overall shape is a bit clunky though. The zipper on the ankle unfortunately gives the wearer a bit of a cankle when viewed from the side. But as you'll see in the 2nd photo, from straight on, it looks MADDENINGLY SKINNY-FYING! Mysterious. Gotta say, the gold/yellow color is really doing it for me, as well.

8. Armani
Love the heel, love the jeweled tights.. the toe is so so. But the velvet and the shape of the heel give off a a very.. noir boudoir feel, y'know? Sexy and awesome.

7. Antonio Berardi
This just in: Rivets, cogs, and other hardware in shoes = AWESOME! I love the tiny detail of the metal "hinge" in this shoe.I'm also a huge fan of booties and white shoes. Throw in a playful heel that looks like a cleaver going into a melon, and you've got me hooked, baby. Dammit!

6. Viktor & Rolf
I shall call it... the VICTORIAN MOON BOOT. As corny as that sounds, I really like how this looks. Sort of reminds me of the way rain boots are shaped up top as well. This suffers from a severe cankle, but I like the played up heel (see how it narrows up at bit at the top? classic). The Victorian-esque buttons are also cute as pie. For some reason, I think I'd like to see this boot with a white base, accented with sky blue buttons and heel. HEAR MY CRY, VIKTOR AND ROLF!!

5. Hussein Chalayan
Am I a super nerd to say that one look at this and I thought, "Silk Specter!?" Hm. Yes, I am a nerd. The garter-boot is apparently the new hot thing to do on the runway this year (well, at least Prada also seemed to get the memo this season). Add a bunch of lovely shiny leather and you've got a boot that will give any outfit a huge boost. Of sexiness. Mm hm.

4. Frankie Morello
Born Free.
I love Geometry.
Loving the space aged heel on this shoe! The entire shoe looks like fondant carefully curled around the edges of a cake. Closer inspection of the ball of the shoe makes one think of.. stepping on a teacup, I dare say. Love the way this is all patent and gold, too. I think I'd like to see this shoe in a chocolate brown color as well. Yum yum!

3. Fendi
Diiiiid somebody say the word SPATS?!? Because if you did, then you're... well, you're educated about what clothing items are called, I guess. These pony fur (at least in the first picture they are... I think) boots are FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC, and the fur gives it a marvelous texture. This shoe is also convertible (see above... AUTOMATIC BONUS POINTS!)I dig the classic rounded toe, as well as the extra strap that goes across the top of the foot (See! Fendi did it! Where Vuitton failed!! see above...)

2. Viktor & Rolf
Yep! Two here in this post about Viktor and Rolf. My buddies. My pals. LOOK AT THIS AMAZING CUT OUT! I am mentally screaming with lust after these shoes. Reminiscent of leather armor/filigree/Final Fantasy (haha did you see that coming? I SURE DID), these are such a beauty to behold. I can't even say any more. Well, that's not true. Annoyingly, I can't see how high this boot actually is, because all of the looks on the V&R runway were knee length skirts/pants or longer! GAHHH! HOW HIGH ARE YOU!!?!? that is the only reason you are at #2, my dear. Because you are MYSTERIOUS.

1. Louis Vuitton
Ohhh wait, did I just say Vuitton failed? Because actually, what I meant was, THEY WIN AT LIFE. LOOK at these gorgeous things! They hit all my marks perfectly... 1) Make your legs look longer (thigh high, check!), 2) Have interesting texture (polished leather base, luxuriously thick velvet ribbon lacing, CHECK!), 3) are awesome (see all of the above. CHECK!) Yes, yes. Y-E-S. Not as complex as the shoes above, but I think they say what I want immediately: I LOVE SHOES. I LIKE SHINY THINGS. OBEY MEEEE. <3 src="">

All in all, a hell of a season. Speaking of Hell, I need to move the H-word out of this constantly warm climate so I have an excuse to wear MORE BOOTS in my daily life!