Monday, November 17, 2008

Event Recap: Princess Picnic, November 14, 2008

As much as Los Angeles is a city of nighttime soirees and star-studded events strewn with liquid libations, I still find that the afternoon activities in this town are as original and fun as the Angelenos that inhabit this patch of desert.

This past Friday, Ms. Joellen of Firefly Path ( hosted a "Princess Picnic." Girls showed up in a myriad of poofy dresses in all colors of the rainbow, ranging from Disney princess garments to elven inspirations. Joellen also kindly invited out some photographers to capture her guests at their most royal.

Check out my queenly duds here:

Set at the visualy stuning Balboa Park in Van Nuys, the heat didn't seem to bother the princess and princes at the park!

Check out photos snapped by myself and yume_ninja of the delightful event!


  1. You all look incredible! Looks like a fantastic day :)

  2. The only thing I can think to add to your fantastic queen outfit... What you need is a small pack of corgis following in your wake!!! XD

  3. LOVE the outfit! absolutely stunning

    btw its jenni ^_^

    (mandy.. camille)

    hi michelle!