Friday, March 19, 2010

Osaka, land that I love.

Recently, Will introduced me to JanneM's flicker profile. This man is a very talented photographer, as well as a neuroscientist of some kind, who now lives in Osaka, close to where Will and I used to live. his photos are making me EXTREMELY nostalgic. A lot of them are just plain beautiful. It took me 3 days to get through his entire Flickr set. It's really lovely, and I suggest putting aside some time to look at them, too, if you're ready for heart wrenching nostalgia to hit you fast. So excited to go to Japan! I'll be going there in a week to visit old friends, be nostalgic, and do a tiny bit of business..

My favorites:

Who needs sign twirlers? NOT THIS GUY. BTW Media Cafe Popeye is awesome.
Signholder by JanneM.

Happy Drunken Salaryman
Party Commuter by JanneM.

Cute asian children
Children and umbrellas by JanneM.

Ridiculously overpriced Hokkaido melons. 15750 yen is about $180USD.melon by JanneM.

Late night ramen at the corner. I think this is the one on the edge of Dotonbori.
Ramen stand by JanneM.

Cute girls selling Christmas cakes. Reminds me of Hagu.Happy salesgirls by JanneM.

Before Will and I started dating, he would come to the bar I worked at on Monday nights and drink there until it closed at midnight. Then we'd get some chu-his and pork buns from the convenience store and walk over to the river and sit right here and stare at the Don Quixote Ferris wheel at night. Good memories.
Don Quixote Ferris wheel by JanneM.

My host bros.
Gigolos by JanneM.

Sakura viewing by Osaka Castle.Hanami at Osaka-jo by JanneM.Hanami parties under the trees by JanneM.

So excited. Overly nostalgic.

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