Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the 2nd day of fashion week, Smashbox gave to me....

Only now have I found the time to actually GO THROUGH the huge goodie bag that Smashbox handed out to members of the press at this past spring/summer '09 fashion week in Los Angeles. Dear God, there was a lot of weird crap in that bag:

A useless mug from Panera Bread, another frat-boy-friendly pint glass from Peroni (repeat from last season's giveaways) and some other strange items that I couldn't figure out how to use.

However, I was very pleased upon opening up a shiny silver package marked "eye and cheek palette: Endless" by smashbox. A very good basics pallette for all skin types, the pigment was rich, and a bit shimmery which, because today it's freaking 85 degrees, will help me keep my summer glow for a bit longer. I really adore the pink tones in the cheek palette (second photo).

Also in the press goodie bag were these smartly packaged ruffians: The "Glowelle 7 day Fit" for healthier, glowing skin.

Now, let me just say that the website and packaging are very nice and very convincing. In fact, I am sure it really does help detox your skin and gives you a glow. However... it TASTES LIKE ROTTEN GRAPES. The "natrual pomegranate lychee flavor" promised by the packaging turned out to be a sooty, strange drink experience. You're supposed to pour one of these little packets into a glass of water and drink one a day. I couldn't even finish one glass because I kept gagging. It tasted like.. drinking crushed up Flinstone's vitamins. The grape kind. Along with a tablespoon of vinegar.

So kudos to you, Glowelle, for helping make women's skin more glowy. I will stick to the smashbox shimmering powder bronzer THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

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