Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It's also the last time that LA Fashion week will be held in Smashbox Studios. The Factor boys decided that they want to evolve LA fashion week from the C-rate celebrity dredged party scene that it currently is.

The few shows I've gandered upon have ranged from wistful and colorful, to drab and horrifying.

Let's start with Monday, shall we?

The "Beach Bunny Swimwear" show was interesting. Hugh Hefner's blonde felon twin girlfriends showed up, setting the scene for white-trash fun. The swimwear itself was uninspired, using runching around the rear for that extra bit of "booty-licious" fun. Lingerie-looking swimwear was par for the course, with male audience members who were clearly there for he T&A and not the fashion were whooping in the crowd to the tune of frat-boy jams from 2003. Oh, the good old days. The line itself wasn't "BAD" per se, but the atmosphere of frat-boy fun really made me want to leave and shower myself ASAP.

Next up was Elmer Ave.'s menswear. The music started off slow, with good 'ol boy music from the 40s playing while models dressed in dapper coordinates walked (is there really any other way but "dapper" to describe this look? While I am a lover of all things throwback, the clothes themselves weren't original. What I did love, was the coordination of the clothing, and the fun prints on the blazers, Elmer's trademark.

On Tuesday, October 14, The Lana Fuchs Couture collection was a fun mix of summery flowers, butterflies and lovely evening gowns. Many of her items employed he use of fabric braiding, creating accents that lined her bodices or hung freely from the garments. The idea of a big braided rope swinging from someone body sets off all sorts of alarms for me, but for Lana, I suppose that's fashion. Here are some of the fun and frilly items that I really enjoyed:
Pillow Ballgown

Blue Mermaid dress

Wedding dress-- excuse my terribly blurry photos

Round up of darkness, as I call it

And finally, we were able to get great seats for Joseph Domingo, a U.S. based designer who really really likes fish scales. No, like.. really. And we love them, too now!
First up, there were a lot of swimwear pieces that featured high cut bottoms and mod-esque tops. What really stood out to me from the onset is... THE CURLY MOHAWK!

YESSSS thank you, God, I am SO GLAD this is a trend now. Get your banana clips out, everyone, it's time to party in the front and party in the back.

In a very superhero way, I LOVE this little mod dresses. The lines and color are fantastic, but not too "out there" for your normies.

The fish scales that Domingo employed ranged from round to pointy.. and I loved the way the pointy ones came out. Very sheik and bird like.

It was a great show!

Okay, onto a little rant section. Thank you very much, PR team for Lauren Conrad, for OVERBOOKING the show, leaving journalists and scene-sters alike waiting in line, tickets in hand for about an hour and a half before being told they couldn't enter. Thankfully, I opted not to wait in the ridiculous line. I had received an email about a week ago, confirming myself and another one of my publication staff for admittance to the show, only to reciece an email late in the evening the night before Conrad's show stating that, "Oh oops, just kidding only on of you can get in." Thank you Red LightPR for being Indian givers.

That's right, I just went there.

One more show is on my docket for Thursday evening, being the Humanitarian Green Show at 8PM. More on that later, kiddos.

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