Friday, March 13, 2009

Top 10: Fall 2009 Shoes

Oh my god. Shoes.


2009 Fall runways were KILLER for shoes right up my alley. Here's a countdown of my top 10! Uhm... I mean 11 because I couldn't bring it to 10...

11. Louis Vuitton
Yowza. This shape reminds me of the future.. as they pictured it in the 80s. if you're not following me here, think BLADE RUNNER. I love the fun heel, but not a huge fan of that big cut out in the middle... I would have liked to see more of the round beads played out over the top of that area somehow to pull the design together.

10. Pollini
A very simple and elegant matte black shoe combined with an off-the-wall heel in bright colors. Absolutely love it! I'd like to see some pink brought to the front of the shoe as well, but I guess I just can't have everything, can I? Oh wait. I CAN (see #1 Mwuaha).

9. Kenzo
Whoa dude! I see what you did there! I like the fantastical shape of the sole/heel, and also the fact that the top can zip off and make this a bootie is a nice touch. Convertibility always gets a bonus point in my book. The overall shape is a bit clunky though. The zipper on the ankle unfortunately gives the wearer a bit of a cankle when viewed from the side. But as you'll see in the 2nd photo, from straight on, it looks MADDENINGLY SKINNY-FYING! Mysterious. Gotta say, the gold/yellow color is really doing it for me, as well.

8. Armani
Love the heel, love the jeweled tights.. the toe is so so. But the velvet and the shape of the heel give off a a very.. noir boudoir feel, y'know? Sexy and awesome.

7. Antonio Berardi
This just in: Rivets, cogs, and other hardware in shoes = AWESOME! I love the tiny detail of the metal "hinge" in this shoe.I'm also a huge fan of booties and white shoes. Throw in a playful heel that looks like a cleaver going into a melon, and you've got me hooked, baby. Dammit!

6. Viktor & Rolf
I shall call it... the VICTORIAN MOON BOOT. As corny as that sounds, I really like how this looks. Sort of reminds me of the way rain boots are shaped up top as well. This suffers from a severe cankle, but I like the played up heel (see how it narrows up at bit at the top? classic). The Victorian-esque buttons are also cute as pie. For some reason, I think I'd like to see this boot with a white base, accented with sky blue buttons and heel. HEAR MY CRY, VIKTOR AND ROLF!!

5. Hussein Chalayan
Am I a super nerd to say that one look at this and I thought, "Silk Specter!?" Hm. Yes, I am a nerd. The garter-boot is apparently the new hot thing to do on the runway this year (well, at least Prada also seemed to get the memo this season). Add a bunch of lovely shiny leather and you've got a boot that will give any outfit a huge boost. Of sexiness. Mm hm.

4. Frankie Morello
Born Free.
I love Geometry.
Loving the space aged heel on this shoe! The entire shoe looks like fondant carefully curled around the edges of a cake. Closer inspection of the ball of the shoe makes one think of.. stepping on a teacup, I dare say. Love the way this is all patent and gold, too. I think I'd like to see this shoe in a chocolate brown color as well. Yum yum!

3. Fendi
Diiiiid somebody say the word SPATS?!? Because if you did, then you're... well, you're educated about what clothing items are called, I guess. These pony fur (at least in the first picture they are... I think) boots are FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC, and the fur gives it a marvelous texture. This shoe is also convertible (see above... AUTOMATIC BONUS POINTS!)I dig the classic rounded toe, as well as the extra strap that goes across the top of the foot (See! Fendi did it! Where Vuitton failed!! see above...)

2. Viktor & Rolf
Yep! Two here in this post about Viktor and Rolf. My buddies. My pals. LOOK AT THIS AMAZING CUT OUT! I am mentally screaming with lust after these shoes. Reminiscent of leather armor/filigree/Final Fantasy (haha did you see that coming? I SURE DID), these are such a beauty to behold. I can't even say any more. Well, that's not true. Annoyingly, I can't see how high this boot actually is, because all of the looks on the V&R runway were knee length skirts/pants or longer! GAHHH! HOW HIGH ARE YOU!!?!? that is the only reason you are at #2, my dear. Because you are MYSTERIOUS.

1. Louis Vuitton
Ohhh wait, did I just say Vuitton failed? Because actually, what I meant was, THEY WIN AT LIFE. LOOK at these gorgeous things! They hit all my marks perfectly... 1) Make your legs look longer (thigh high, check!), 2) Have interesting texture (polished leather base, luxuriously thick velvet ribbon lacing, CHECK!), 3) are awesome (see all of the above. CHECK!) Yes, yes. Y-E-S. Not as complex as the shoes above, but I think they say what I want immediately: I LOVE SHOES. I LIKE SHINY THINGS. OBEY MEEEE. <3 src="">

All in all, a hell of a season. Speaking of Hell, I need to move the H-word out of this constantly warm climate so I have an excuse to wear MORE BOOTS in my daily life!

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