Monday, August 24, 2009

Betsey Johnson Meet and Greet at her Melrose store!

A very, merry, belated birthday to Ms. Betsey Johnson! I scooted down to her store on Melrose yesterday afternoon for her Bday bash + meet and greet!

I donned my sparkly Betsey dress and shoes, and made a headpiece with matching pink veil to mark the occasion :3 HEADPIECE SOON TO BE AT MY ETSY STORE! hehe....

The crowd was very fashionable, and very friendly, as expected for an event of this nature. I remarked that I wish they'd open up a Betsey Johnson bar/club/sock hop one of these days so I could spend my evenings lounging there after a hard day's work!

Her Birthday cake, shaped like present boxes, with a dress up top:

Mandy's pal Esther, who was the one who called her up and alerted us to this festive time :)

Betsey arrived in style in a red convertible! Here she is giving a little specech... my god, she is a super vivacious woman! I'm so envious of her rockin bod, as well!!!

From left to right, myself, Betsey, Yume_ninja , and Mandy

Call me a ham, but i LOVED this marabou coat from her new fall line!!! If only I had $700 to blow on such a fluffy overcoat :(

Ah, it was a great time, filled with pretty people, rockin music, and so much Betsey energy!!!! Although Betsey asked us girls to stay so that we could meet her grandchildren, we had to dash for dinner plans (as well as our aching feet). Sigh!! Come again, soon Betsey!!

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