Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unforgettable Olympiads.

Short snippet I wrote for a fashion column (yes, I know it's rehashing a bit of the Lucy Liu tragedy earlier.. but look at that other photo! Bangin!!)

Take a good look, folks. You’re staring at two very different takes on one pure-as-the-driven-snow theme: the 2008 Beijing Olympics, featuring… you guessed it, Asians. Patriotic as all get out, photographer Peter Lindberg captured Chinese-American actress-sometimes-model Lucy Liu flaunting Chanel’s Amazonian look while draped in an American flag, symbolizing, one can only guess, how lovely it is to be an American. Liu’s tousled locks and winning smile make her a surefire fit as a Harper’s BAZAAR poster girl. The couture brand name along with the onyx-accented necklace add haute accents to this otherwise unoriginal photo. Sorry, Lindberg! On the other hand, photographer Chen Zhun had a very different take on the Olympics in the alien-like portrait on the right, emphasizing hair sculpture as fashion and eerie other-worldliness in this alluring photo of a “Siamese triplet” trio of Chinese models. Without a scrap of clothing or jewelry on them, Chun still manages to convey sleek high-fashion with black sand and an amazing hair stylist. The photo is dark and captivating, and maybe that’s why I like it. I can see a sunny smile on glossy covers on the allover newsstands, but something like Zhun’s work manages to speak of high fashion without having to spell it out for you. Deliciously fashionable and well-done, Zhun.

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