Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shang,ri-LA Nails: Insanity at your fingertips

The reason I haven't posted lately is because of THESE:

Yes, These are, as we speak, attached to my fingers. Since last week. Hence.... no extraneous typing for a bit there.

3D nail art is very "in" in the Asia, as I call it, and each crazy shape on my nails was artfully sculpted on as we requested any cutesy sweet shape we could think of. This nail bling phenomenon i something a lot of Lolitas employ to make their crazier outfits even crazier: by taking away the use of their hands.

I was the hand model for a Gothic & Lolita article that we have slated for the December issue.

Hand model.

No, I'm not J.P. Prewitt. (If you haven't watched Zoolander and therefor have o idea what I'm talking about, please STOP READING IMMEDIATELY AND GO WATCH THAT MOVIE.)

Of note is the lovely layered cake the nail artist made (3rd photo). She sculpted a triangle base, then created each cake layer by adding another triangular piece of acrylic on top. She even had a row of CHERRIES.

After molding cupcakes, balloons, hearts, and bows onto each nails, she then proceeded to BEDAZZLE her creations with varying sizes of sequins. Bedazzle. On my fingers. I rather feel like a genie, wizard, Jubliee from te X-Men, or other mystical type of magical being who can produce sparkles from his or her fingertips.

This process of lovely-fying your nails is highly recommended, if very pricy. Save it for special occasions, mental health days, or a period of your life where you will not have to use your hands very much (this is what hand-maidens/boyfriends/buddies are for, I've found out)

Shang,ri-LA Nails (yes, that is how they place their commas and hyphens in their actual name)
Torrance, CA
They are absolute dolls, and if you can, request Kyoko.


  1. That's serious dedication to fashion. How do you get them off?

  2. Polinees: You soak them in acetone for 20 minutes... supposedly. I STILL CAN'T GET MINE OFF.

    callie_cat: The base usually costs between $40 - $50, and each nail, depending on design and amount of time spent on it can cost you between $4 - $8 each. You can check their site for their price menu.